Food Bolshaya Nikitskaya Konyushkovskaya Pyatnitskaya

Chopped mushrooms and avocado wrapped in rice paper; with peanut dip 490 r.
Zucchini wraps with tofu and porcini; tomato and basil salsa 450 r.
Salad of persimmon with tangerine and goat cheese 410 r.
Beef tar tar with black grilled bread 510 r.
Salad with roast beef with coriander and mint; coconut and lime dressing 490 r.
Tuna salad with zucchini, avocado and mint in sesame dressing 630 r.
Potato salad with slightly smoked salmon, cucumbers and basil sause 450 r.
Baked vegetables with coriander and goat cheese 430 r.
Chicken salad with walnut and avocado; ginger dressing 420 r.
Baked beetroot with tkemali sauce, cilantro and nuts 350 r.
Pink tomatoes with red onion 350 r.