Food Konyushkovskaya Bolshaya Nikitskaya Pyatnitskaya

Curd fritter with sour cream 260/290 r.
Two fried eggs or omelets with salad and side of your choice: 170 r.
bacon fried with herbs 130 r.
grilled Baku tomatoes 70 r.
Two eggs fried in black bread with mixed salad and black pepper 250 r.
Boiled or slightly boiled egg with black bread toast 80 r.
Oatmeal cereal witn green apple and cinnamon 230 r.
Rice/oatmeal/semolina creamy cereal 170 r.
Granola with Greek yogurt and quince 310 r.
Crock Madame warm sandwich with bacon, ham, cheese, tomatoes and fried egg on brown bread 390 r.
Wholegrain Wafer with bacon, cheddar, tomatoes and green basil 370 r.
Wholegrain Wafer with salmon, sun-dried tomatoes and goat cheese 430 r.
Hot chocolate cupcake 230 r.
Chocolate cookies/pistachio cookies 180 r.
May honey 80 r.
Jam 80 r.
White or malt bread toasts 40 r.
Cream butter 40 r.
Americano, fresh orange juice, fried eggs, toast, butter 410 r.
Americano, fresh orange juice, classic warm sandwich with ham, cheese and tomatoes 450 r.