Food Konyushkovskaya Bolshaya Nikitskaya Pyatnitskaya

Lightly smoked and Stewed pork shoulder with pearl barley and red lentil 420 r.
Chopped lamb kebab in Georgian style, with herbs and almond 450 r.
Lamb tongues grilled with a salad of celery and green apple 600 r.
Veal cheeks stewed in red wine with hummus pumpkin and roast sweet potato 620 r.
Beef medallions with sauce porcini mushrooms 770 r.
Beef Stoganoff with mushrooms and cream sauce. Served with green salad 690 r.
Profiteroles with hot spicy rabbit with figs and pink pepper 450 r.
Duck breast with red plum chatney, star anise and cinnamon 650 r.
Farm chicken with shiitake mushrooms and green curry 600 r.
Rissoto with cuttlefish ink, sea scallops and prawns 990 r.
Risotto with mushrooms 490 r.
Linguini with tomatoes, capers and olives 390 r.
Green buckwheat with young vegetables and rustic sunflower oil 390 r.
Bulgur with avocado guacamole 390 r.
The Kamchatka Arctic char and baked cod liver with capers and olives Tatarskii 660 r.
Small Crimean red mullet 560 r.
Belly tuna with buckwheat noodles , spinach leaves and ponzu sauce 600 r.
Crab burger with ginger relish, served with baby romaine lettuce 690 r.